Saido Berahino’s reckless driving

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Staunton Speeding Ticket Lawyer: Saido Berahino plays football (soccer) professionally in England for West Bromwich Albion, a Premier League Club.  Saido plays the role of striker. Berahino was born in Burundi but fled that country and received political asylum in England.  His father was killed in 1997 in the Burundian Civil War. Berahino showed a flair for football from an early age.  Unfortunately his early career was marred by poor relationships with team managers.

Staunton Speeding Ticket Lawyer: Berahino was honored to be made part of the English under-17 team that prevailed in the 2010 European Championship.  Berahino was called up in November of 2014 to the English Senior Team.  West Bromwich Albion rejected a bid for 20 million pounds for  Berahino‘s contract from another club in 2016.  Berahino has been called a top class player who needs direction.  In 2014 videos of Berahino breathing in nitrous for a high surfaced on the Internet.  In 2014 Berhino was arrested for driving 110 mph and later convicted of drink driving, the English equivalent of DUI.   In 2015 Berahino set up his own foundation to do charitable work improving sanitation and water quality for the poor.

Staunton Speeding Ticket Lawyer:  Recently Berahino has made the news again sending Snapchats on his phone while driving with one hand.  It is clear from the video that Berahino’s video session was very dangerous to himself and other motorists.  According to someone who knows Berahino:  “This is just typical Saido behaviour — he doesn’t give a damn. He will not think he was doing anything wrong. Saido has an almost medical condition where he has to be texting or Snapchatting constantly and he doesn’t comprehend how reckless it is when he’s driving.